Port Management & Freight Mobility Trade growth between the United States and International Ports has increased interest in how ports are managed and how the intermodal transportation system handles the freight. The Beckett Group helps their clients identify how intermodal access to their ports and different investment strategies can best foster more efficient freight mobility and intermodal connectivity. International, national, provincial, and metropolitan transportation policy is closely connected with economic policy, domestically and abroad. The International transportation system is expanding rapidly to meet global intermodal freight demands and promote expansion into underdeveloped regions of trade. The Beckett Group researches and recommends Port Management and Freight Mobility strategies for intermodal transportation infrastructure, focusing on competitiveness in the United States and in the global market.  We develop and help our clients implement plans that convert transportation policy into reality; improving transportation efficiencies and lowering costs through cooperative transportation relationships and facility development. © Copyright 2001-2012 The Beckett Group, All Rights Reserved