Grants The Beckett Group works with agencies to develop expanded transportation facilities, as well as the supporting road and rail infrastructure projects required to meet the economic growth needs of the nation and international clients. Grants are available for many of these projects.  The Beckett Group specializes in writing grant applications for such projects in addition to lending grant writing strategies and expertise to successfully receive funding. Sample Grant Writing Experience: ARRA Wrote numerous ARRA grant applications for WSDOT Rail Office over the last two years.  This effort successful produced federal funding of $15.4 million in support of High Speed Rail Projects along the I-5 Corridor. TIGER III Prepared the Cost Benefit Analysis in addition to grant writing strategy and expertise to Port of Northern Montana in their TIGER III grant application for a $ 10 million.  This project will relocate an existing multi- modal rail freight terminal to an area where 8,000’ intermodal trains can be processed.  Provided strategy and grant writing expertise to Port of Whitman County in their $5,905,000 request for federal stimulus funding.  These grant funds will be used to rehabilitate a 30-mile stretch of the P&L branch of the Palouse River and Coulee City railroad.  This project will support a new $18 million Grain Loading Facility in McCoy, WA. Provided strategy and oversight to Lincoln County in their $10,255,600 grant to fund the Central Washington Branch Line Rehabilitation Project.  The goal of the Project is to restore strategically significant portions of the Palouse River and Coulee City Railroad’s Central Washington Branch Line (“CW Line”), to fully functional, Class II status.  © Copyright 2001-2012 The Beckett Group, All Rights Reserved